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I got a new groove!

I got a new groove!

The Welcome and The Details (and 2022 information)

Hi everyone!

Greetings as I kick off broadcasting and posting (using Substack).

I’m so happy to include all of you as I get started.

NOW, get ready to click a few BUTTONS.

(you CAN skip this part)

Look, Memory Lane—
It started in 2005—blogging. I would do it up to 3 times a week. The site was called

Then it became life-as-prayer on Blogger and then on Wordpress in 2009 [because I was writing a book with that name

(If you are interest this -sometimes-rudely long amazon affiliate book link will get you there:]

After that, it wasn’t long until I wanted my own domain name and I picked my own name so I could became “a brand” and become further dehumanized.
Um, no, not really.

Then, in 2015 that I began Spark My Muse podcast to engage with authors and expand beyond writing and teaching in-person; and I’m 410 or so episodes in. The URL goes to my site.


Upgrading to Substack unites the two worlds (blog/writing and podcasting/audio) and hopefully eases the financial burden in a happy evolution in this whole “life’s work” stuff.

Everything I’ve podcasted or posted on my website until now will be here with no paywall! There will be new articles and audio here as this becomes a main hub for what I do and how I get it to you! 😃 It’s an upgrade for everyone! woot.

• Each week you can
still hear my Spark My Muse podcast —free— on any podcast catcher (iTunes, iHartRadio, GooglePlay, Stitcher etc)
or at

If you are a paid subscriber, it finds YOU.
It will be delivered straight to your inbox or you can pop back here where you will also get the companion show notes.

🥰PLUS! There will be special Subscriber ONLY podcasts called The Little Sparkcast available here only.

Will you please help me share what is going on? I need your help very badly.
Thank you, thank you!



I’m joining a faculty of amazing pastors, spiritual directors, and presenters to kick off 2022 in a beautiful way and I’ve love for you to come too. It’s worth the cost, and donations are being taken to help others who cannot manage the financially. If that’s you, contact organizer Jenn Layte to see about funds (follow link button below).

• A few discounts are available on a first come, first serve basis.
Use code: 15OFFwinterretreat (but hurry!)

Online Retreat

All my lovely Patreon supporters who have been rays of hope, encouragement, and beacons of goodness. I have something for you. I’m giving ALL of you Free Premium Subscriptions FOR LIFE.

❤️ You, fantastic people are the WIND BENEATH my armpits. I love you so much and I don’t have wings…yet!

But, if you feel like sharing the wealth and you want to give a subscription of some sort, guess what? You can!

Give a gift subscription

⭐️For the rest of you, there’s also a special SURPRISE!

Check out the super duper FESTIVUS MIRACLE Special It offers a 50% off discount for annual subscriptions, FOREVER. •It ends on December 23 - Festivus, just prior to the “airing of the grievances” ceremony.[If you want to know about Festivus ⬅️]

Get 50% off forever

That’s all for now.

But hey, current Subscribers! You get the privilege of commenting, so please, go ahead, and leave a comment.
I do love the interaction!

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